Thursday, July 10, 2008

Companies beginning to utilize YouTube

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At the Eye of FDA blog, Mark Senak has been taking a look at what companies have been doing to increase viral video. Recently, to major players in the pharmaceutical world, Johnson and Johnson and the FDA have created YouTube channels. Together, these two companies already have over 100 subscribers to their channels.

Senak believes that a viral video source such as YouTube is a good way to connect with users. It’s a direct link between those who are looking for the data provided and the company providing it. It is also easy to spread the data from one interested person to the next. They can also provide up-to-the-minute news on current situations that they are facing. The downfall Senak sees is that companies have no way of censoring the comments left on the videos. In this case, a social media plan should be drafted on how to deal with comments that are not favorable to the company.

We’re seeing many Pharma companies begin to reach out to their clientele using blogs. The next progressive step is YouTube. Companies could provide information directly to their clients, and begin to build a relationship digitally by providing important information.

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