Friday, July 25, 2008

The Internet’s Impact on Doctors

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Recently, I found an article about the how much doctors are utilizing the internet. This article at Pharma 2.0 had these amazing percentages:

  • 99% of physicians are online for personal or professional purposes
  • 85% of offices have broadband
  • 83% consider the Internet essential to their practice

Also amazing was the reliance that doctors were placing on their Blackberrys for medical-related information:

  • 54% own a PDA/smartphone
  • Survey found a 15% attendance drop over the past three years at major conferences; doctors can watch or download the presentations online
  • Primary care physicians are more likely than average physicians to use a drug reference database
  • Google is the search engine of choice with 91% using it for medical and pharmaceutical queries
  • Corporate pharma sites are not information destinations

As we’ve posted before, physicians are looking to the web to both network and connect with their patients through Web 2.0. Now we see that they are also looking to the internet as a source of knowledge that can help both them and their patients.

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