Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Health Wiki “Medipedia” is Being Launched By top Medical Schools

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Academic health institutions including Harvard, University of Michigan, Stanford, UC-Berkeley, as well as sources such as NIH, CDC, and FDA announced that they are joining forces to contribute to a new health focused wiki titled Medipedia. The press release from the Medipedia website stated that the intention for the new site is to be the “worlds largest collaborative online encyclopedia of medicine”. The website will be launched later this year. The press release also made note that advertising will be “non-invasive text-based advertising” in order to help with any costs incurred.

Dr. Anthony L. Komaroff, Professor of Medicine at Harvard released this statement:

“Medpedia has the potential to become a vital tool for scientists, researchers and educators, as well as for the general public across the globe, providing easy access to the latest and best information on medicine. Sharing what we know, we can help each other and help ourselves.”

It will be interesting to see what opportunity pharmaceutical companies will be able to capitalize on in terms of Internet advertising. As we have reported in the past, Pharmaceutical companies have been notoriously reluctant to pursue online avenues for new marketing ventures. In fact in this blog it mentioned that only 3.1% of the marketing budget for pharmaceutical organizations was allocated towards ads on the web.

Do you think that this will provide enough of an incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to increase their marketing presence online?

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