Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Patients Turn To Web for More Control

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Medical patients have increasingly begun to turn to online information technology in a struggle to win more control over health related decisions. John Sharp’s post today in eHealth provides us with a very useful report, Helping Patients Plug in:Lessons on the Adoption of online Consumer Tools presented by the California HealthCare Foundation. This report shows us that the demand for health web 2.0 technologies, or better known as health 2.0 for many, is extremely high but its availability is low. There is a growing need for better online health searches, access to medical records, the ability to email doctors, and a platform or network for consumers to share advice/treatments with other patients and experts in the field. Many health companies have started to adopt health 2.0 technology, but clearly not enough. Take the time to review the report as I’m sure you’ll find the information useful.

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