Friday, July 18, 2008

Redesigning Health Web Pages

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One common problem we see today is inoperability and too much clutter on websites. Users want to be able to visit a homepage and be easily directed to different information sources. This post on Microsoft’s Health Blog details how the new redesign of their health homepage makes the site more user-friendly.

One noticeable detail is the clear navigation to several health-related lines of business. The newly redesigned homepage includes links to providers, health payers, products & services, and different health agencies just to name a few. Digging deeper into the site, these links will send you off to archived webcasts, white papers, and case studies. What’s particularly interesting is that they also include a feed from their healthblog which updates when a new post is written. This in term gives its users a reason to keep coming back to the site.

So when was the last time your business decided to give its website a facelift? It’s a web 2.0 world out there.

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