Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Twitter being embraced by the Doctors Community

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At the Clinical Cases blog, they write a post about why the author has started using Twitter to help them follow the medical world.

Some of the reasons this doctor has embraced Twitter are:

-Easier patient reminders – The ease of providing patients with chronic diseases little reminders. Instead of phone calls, patients can subscibe to the Twitter feed and be reminded of what they need to do.

-News breaks first on Twitter – we’ve seen cases where earthquakes are reported first on Twitter before any other news source. Patients can stay up to date better with the concentrated news source

-The doctor’s lounge feel – doctors can communicate easily with other doctors who work in the same field.

-Doctors can publish small findings – The doctors can write a paragraph or two about their new finding, without the hassle of publishing it in a medical book. The information gets to the intended sources quicker.

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