Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Physicians will do in 2009 with Health 2.0

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Dr. Jason Bahn recently took a look at what we can expect physicians to start doing in 2009 to embrace health 2.0.

The Evolution of Physician Collaboration.

Professional networks will begin to filter the abundant information for the doctors.

Recognition of rapid communication tools as a resource, not a distraction.
Providers will begin to see the benefits of instant communication via micro-blogging and leading to more collaboration.

Early steps in improving Provider/Industry interaction.
A new open and balanced communication system will allow the providers and the industry to be open and share information.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile.
More apps on smart phones, such as the iPhone, will allow doctors to access instant information that can help them reference instant information, for example, dosage options of medicine for patients

Do you see any other trends coming about in 2009 with doctors and providers? Do you disageree with anything Dr. Bhan
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