Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ePharma Day 2 Next Panel: Efficiency and Integration Of Your Media Mix

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We're trying to cover quite a bit for everyone here and following us online. Later on, we'll be posting some clips from our panel Working with Agencies, Is There a ‘Right’ Model to Service Your Interactive Needs?

Now we have the panel discussion Efficiency and Integration Of Your Media Mix

Kathleen Onieal, President, HAYES ONIEAL CONSULTING, Former Global VP of Marketing Innovation MERCK

Amy Cowan, Industry Health Sales Manager, GOOGLE
Shawn O’Hagan, Senior Manager, eMarketing, DAIICHI SANKYO, INC.
Mitzi Reaugh, General Manager, NBC DIGITAL HEALTH NETWORK

Kathleen Oniel is kicking off the panel and the goal of the discussion today will be to look specifically at online media because of their combined experience on the topic. Their interest also is to look at the very compelling, human, and emotional connection that online video can create and the growing trend and opportunity for eMarketers.

Introductios all around, but some time is spent as Mitzi Reaugh introduces herself and the NBC Digital Health Network, their evolution - multiple channels/brands, growth (segmented, targeted audiences), and aspects of their core competencies - reaching targeted audiences and educating on health issues.

Shawn is talking a little about the advantages of online video for reach in place of a paid salesforce, a powerful tool for reach within medical community

And now Amy is giving some background on Google's efforts with YouTube. First out the gate, many 'traditional' and well-protected brands find that YouTube is a safe haven to establish their own brand channel...even the FDA. Safe for them, safe for Pharma.

Some misconceptions:

- majority interested in 'funny' videos
Not True! YouTube users reflect the US internet user public at large. Marketers increasingly reach the appropriate audience.

- we have to allow comments and raise issues
YouTube provides appropriate controls to meet necessary requirements and ensure appropriate usage. But even the FDA YouTube Channel allows comments.

She goes on to demonstrate different pharma brand channels on YouTube, each takes different approaches:
- health education
- corporate communication
- brand awareness
She does stress that there still isn't regulatory guidance but the opportunity is great to learn, discuss, and develop the appropriate strategy and meet the concers of the internal medical, regulatory, and legal teams.

Some other points: YouTube is the 4th largest site in US and 2nd most popular search engine (besides Google).

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