Thursday, February 12, 2009

ePharma Summit 2009: Learning From What We Preach

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This year's ePharma Summit has come to a close with so much information, trends, and issues shared and discussed as well as new and old relationships developed and enhanced during some great networking opportunities. The discussions provided practical advice, strategic direction, a look at new platforms and technology, and with that in mind, here at ePharma Summit, we are focused on taking advantage of all of these tools, to not only keep you all informed during the event, but throughout the year and facilitate ongoing networking and collaboration. If you haven't already, subscribe to our RSS feed for daily updates, join us on LinkedIn, Facebook, follow our Twitter stream, and connect with others through an ongoing Twitter stream of all things ePharma.

We also recorded a great deal of content during the conference, and will be uploading various video clips which you can see directly right on the event site or you can read through some of our updated blog posts of presentations, now with corresponding video clips. Some of the updated posts include:

Sizzle & Substance

Fill Your e-Marketing Prescription: Benchmarks for the Pharma Industry

How Can Pharma More Effectively Reach MDs Online?

ePharma Day 2 Next Panel: Efficiency and Integration Of Your Media Mix

and here is the direct link of a video clip from yesterday's presentation Creating a Three-Way Dialogue with the Patient, the Physician and the Brand: Imagining the Solutions, Dealing with the Realities by Robert Palmer, EVP, Managing Partner, SUDLER & HENNESSEY DIGITAL

Because these are all publicly hosted, feel free to forward and share with your colleagues who weren't able to join us this year, so they can share in the conversation about the power of eMarketing for Pharma. There is quite a bit of content left to share, so check back often to get regular updates from this year's event as well as new information and detail as we track the ePharma industry.

Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors who contributed their time and resources to make the 8th Annual ePharma Summit such a success. It was a pleasure to meet with many of you in attendance, who we've connected with over the past year through our online channels. No online experience will ever take away the impact of meeting someone in person, but these channels help us to learn, meet, share when the opportunity to meet in person isn't possible or some time away. We hope you'll join us on all of these platforms that best suits you and share your thoughts and opinions about this year's event and how we can improve and create and even better experience next year.
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