Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live from ePharma 2009, reactions from the web

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Thanks for following us today on the blog, check out a few of the great discussions that have errupted on our tweme #ePharma. Keep up with us on twitter, twitter.com/epharma

epharma: #ePharma preaching to the choir, should our next ePharma focus on bringing the legal, regulatory teams to ePharma 2010?

carlenlea @epharma YES! bring the medreg boards!!

swoodruff: Questioner to panel: How about the risk of doing NOTHING? Great way to cap discussions of legal risks. #epharma

carlenlea: #epharma "we didn't know" that's why pharma doesn't want to monitor the social web at all. not want to be liable for knowing & not acting

shwen: #ePharma Panel3 - //SG: Isn't it the resp ofALL drug companies to monitor safety of drugs in general? IMHO, ROI = Risk Of Ignoring!!!

sarahmorgan Huge, huge point by Fabio Grotton: social media work requires thinking long-term. Because it's relationships. Not projects. #epharma

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