Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Special Offer: Datamonitor’s latest research from the eHealthinsight series

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As a reader of our blog, we are thrilled to offer you special access to our partnership with Datamonitor, a provider of premium global business information, delivering independent data, analysis and opinion. Here is a special offer of Datamonitor’s latest research from the eHealthinsight series:

The Changing Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Landscape: How Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Affects Return on Investment

An effective and well-implemented DTC strategy can catapult a drug into blockbuster status. However, after a 10 year period of skyrocketing DTC budgets, pharma companies are now opting for lower cost and more targeted approaches. Given the tighter FDA regulations in the US, DTC adverts are increasingly being flagged for violating the rules, while in Europe there may be suggestions that DTC will be employed, but is this likely to work given the differences in culture and market? Utilize a return on investment model for a DTC advertising to understand how to make a campaign a success and also identify the differences between advertising regulations in the US and Europe, and what changes are likely to happen in the near future with this research.

The Promotional Landscape in US and Europe: Benchmarking promotional ROI and optimizing detailing and journal spend

Promotional activities within the pharma industry operate through various sales and promotional channels with the aim of convincing physicians, patients and payors about the value and efficacy of products. Return on investment (ROI) is the critical measure of success for such initiatives. However, a clear understanding of the ROI generated across various market and lifecycle settings is essential for companies attempting to optimize their detailing and journal advertising strategies in the future. ‘The Promotional Landscape in the US and Europe’ provides detailed strategic guidance for the preparation and execution of successful promotion strategies. Improve the effectiveness of your promotional strategies by examining the key factors affecting associated ROI and compare the promotional activities of leading companies with this report.

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