Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CNBC: GSK & Pharma's Foray Into The Blogosphere

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Yesterday, Mike Huckman of CNBC's blog, Pharma's Market reported on GlaxoSmithKline's new blog, "American Health: More Than Medicine." <>Huckman reports that GSK's blog explicitly states, "More Than Medicine is expressly uninterested in promoting GSK brands. As stated in our credo, our intent is to express a point of view and create a dialogue on health and healthcare issues you can't find anywhere else - not to serve as another product marketing vehicle." Huckman expresses that there's no link on the blog homepage to a coupon for the diet drug Alli.

We've seen other "big" Pharma companies move into social media, creating networking around specific diseases; however, this may be the first blog that is expressly committed to writing on news and information regarding healthcare. One can't help but wonder what GSK is pushing if they aren't pushing their products.

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