Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Live broadcasting from your surgery

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The New York Times published an article on Sunday, May 24, that looks at how hospitals are turning to online sources to both educate and inform the public about the procedures that they are performing in their hospital.

Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee recently hosted a video webcast of a live craniotomy. They advertised to potential viewers via infomercials and newspaper ads. After the webcast, they saw that 2,212 people watched the webcast, 21,555 have watched the YouTube preview and they've had 3 appointements scheduled.

Other hospitals are turning to Twitter. Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, frequently tweets from the operating room. They see it as an opportunity to connect with the curious consumer, many who are now interested in finding out a lot more about the medical procedures they receive.

Read the full article here. This provides excellent references about the quality and manner of the procedures you'll be receiving while you're at the hospital, but is there a privacy line that is crossed?
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