Monday, May 4, 2009

Ortho-McNeil Launches Facebook Site for Adult ADHD

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According to, Ortho-McNeil has launched a Facebook site for Adult ADHD. The site, ADHD Allies (, works like a traditional Facebook page, but features a bevy of informational tools directed at the 9 million adults suffering from the condition. Topics include organization at work, financial organization, and social interactions during the summer.


This isn’t McNeil’s first jump into social media. Last year, the company launched a Facebook site geared towards mothers of children with ADHD. To date, that site has garnered more than 8,200 fans. However, unlike the site about caregivers, ADHD Allies requires people with the disease to actually come out and announce that they have it.

What other fan pages have you seen work on Facebook for specific conditions and/or their related drugs? Do you think that approaching consumer's from this avenue will prove beneficial for the treatment of the disease or condition? We'd like to hear your thoughts.

Ortho-McNeil Launches Facebook Site for Adult ADHD
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