Thursday, January 14, 2010

As seen on TV - Pharma's top websites

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A new Manhattan Research study recently looked at how television commercials impacted the traffic to different Pharma websites. By looking at over 250 websites and surveying 6,575 consumers, these were the top 10 websites for Pharma when advertised for on television:

1. NuvaRing
2. Latisse
3. Cialis
4. Boniva
5. Abilify
6. Gardasil
7. Yaz
8. Viagra
9. Levitra
10. Lunesta

Manhattan Research's Monique Levy will be participating in the panel "Optimize Your Integrated Promotional Channel Mix," Wednesday, February 10 at the ePharma Summit. For more on the ePharma Summit, visit our webpage here.

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