Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pfizer Offers Grant to Stanford Doc Continuing Ed Program

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Duff Wilson of the New York Times reports that global pharmaceutical leader, Pfizer has agreed to grant Stanford University a lump sum of $3M for its continuing education program for doctors. This will be the first program of its kind that aims to be devoid of drug industry influence within the cirriculum. While many have praised the program, few see a direct issue with the pharmaceutical money and and a supposed unbiased education for doctors.

Wilson's report says, Stanford said the curriculum would focus on areas that needed improvement, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, smoking cessation and infections. The university plans to use advanced technologies, including a simulated hospital, rather than lecturing.

“The Pfizer grant comes with no conditions, and the company will not be involved in developing the curriculum,” according to a medical school press release.

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