Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Epharma Summit 2010 Anatomy of a Great Online Creative

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3 award winning campaigns were featured at ePharma Summit 2010

• Moderator: James Chase, Editor in Chief, Medical Marketing & Media
• Wendy Blackburn, Executive Vice President, Intouch Solutions
• Lance Longwell, Director, Public Relations, Healthcare Communications, Siemens Healthcare
• Enslow Kable, VP, Director, User Experience Insights, Draftfcb

1) GOLD winner - YSIO Launch Campaign (Siemens HealthCare) Digital wireless x-ray equipment

Siemens has won top honors at the MM&M Awards—for this year's “Ysio Online Auction” and last year's “Win an MRI.” For the MRI campaign, an online video contest gave rural hospitals an opportunity to win a machine. The launch of Ysio, a digital radiography system, involved an online auction of a machine with proceeds going to the Children's Health Fund (CHF).

Main goal to become viral
- Donated system to Children Healthfund, which in turn would generate a lot of buzz among hospital Admins.
- Reached 5800 US hospitals.
- 14 month campaign from concept to completion.
- Micro site.
- Overall generated a lot of traffic/buzz with 6 million impressions across all media.
- 70 users registered and 50 were actually sold to.
- 2 winners of the auction.
- Raised 285k in charity for Children’s HealthFund.

Indeed, the Ysio campaign certainly generated significant buzz. But it also scored a trifecta of positive business results —$285,000 was raised for CHF, the winning hospital saved about $165,000 on the Ysio, and Siemens landed more than $1.6 million in sales to date. Handled entirely in-house, the effort drew on expertise and talent from multiple departments.

2) Gold Winner - Best Total Integration Program for Small Companies
Draftfcb and Duramed—Plan B

- Plan b emergency contraception
- Overall demographic women 18-30
- Very controversial when it launched. Taboo subject!
- Demographic was very shy and tough to get discussions about it.

Marketing messages
- 72 hour window to prevent pregnancy!
- Key insight: Oops moment – the moment stuff happens. Everyone needs a plan B – everyone needs options.
- Because the unexpected happens you need a backup plan.

– Be there in the moment
– Be there when the demographic needs help.
- Around *her* calendar and holiday events caused a higher boost in sales.
- Mobile site with a pharmacy request card in case you are shy or scared.
- Easily tracked spike in traffic to sales conversion and vice versa.
- Branded radio – hugely successful and provided tons of traffic.
- MySpace is basic, but offers a continuation of branding.
- On MySpace their video assets are the highest performing assets on MySpace.

3) Gold Winner - Best Website
Intouch Solutions and Sanofi-Aventis—Goinsulin Website

- Help people make informed decisions about insulin use.
- Where are patients going for info?
- How are they seeking and how can this website give them the info they are looking for?
- Many patents wanted to learn about insulin and how it works with the body.

- Many visitors come back and engage often.
- 83% of users state they would come back to the site based off of a poll they offered on the website.
- 72 % completion rate on the poll/game – great user interaction. Myths and Realities game.

- Videos and patent stories are very popular to gain insight in real life insulin use.
- Stories can be submitted directly.
- Sharing content is a huge factor, which allows bookmarking and sharing info socially.
- Also page rating allows interaction and keeps visitors on the site for longer periods of time

Leaving the website
- Invites visitors to look at more videos at YOUTUBE.com (unbranded on youtube.com).
- App – they offer mobile application and micro site link an app called GoMeals which has a very popular following and usage.

Capturing Data
- CRM – they do allow registrations and offer a guide in return. This way they capture data.

For more info visit: MM and M Awards by http://www.mmm-online.com/
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