Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ePharma Summit 2010: Case Study: Speed to Impact: Creating a BIG Market On a Budget

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Breichen Madej, Senior Product Manager, CNS Marketing, Cephalon Inc.

Challenge: How to grow the brand by expanding the market of a little-known prevalent disorder (on a budget)
-Little awareness of disease and product (both consumers and physicians)
-Product doesn’t treat disorder directly
-Limited physician reach with target sales force
-Reaching correct target audience at key moments
-Engaging with consumer community appropriately

-Total and new prescriptions
-TRxs/NRxs/Disease Area vs. historical baselines
-Ability to show consumer spend is what’s driving growth

-identify cross-functional team to assess ROI
-gain agreement through discussion
-provide regular updates

Built plan around DTC:
-Consumer segmentation – did extensive research behind brand to understand what the consumers were looking at. They reached out to consumers with the right content. They looked at the American Consumer Time Survey to target their audience at the exact right times.

Take aways from case study:
-Gain a ROI buy-in before launching
-Socializing – more than a buzzworthy word
-Prioritizing your first dollars
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