Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ePharma Summit 2010: Creating Value in Non-Personal Promotion

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Sanjay Pingle, President, Physicians Interactive
Jason Bhan, MD, Family Physician, Co-Founder, Ozmosis, Inc.

What are doctors facing from the health care reform?
- Changes in reimbursements
- Time loss is also a concern with health care
- Technology
- Concept of knowledge –physicians are having issues keeping up with all of the new knowledge coming out at the current speed
- Competition

Relationship between Physicians and Pharma
- Symbiotic relationship, practice medicine, prescribe drugs.
Pharma: They need doctor to write prescription.
Doctors: No symbiotic relationship, feel pushed to prescribe. They feel an imbalance. Pharma is reaching out to both patients and physicians, leaving a gap. Many physicians are shutting out the drug reps.

What will make physicians begin to prescribe the drugs:
-Is it safe?
-Will it work for the patient so that they will continue taking it?
-What’s the cost to the patient?

Pharma needs to deliver the information and relevant data to support what’s being claimed.

What is the ideal interaction for Pharma to interact with a Doctor?
-Integrate into work flow, be contextually relevant, don’t be interrupted.
- Ideal work flow: Patient with sickness, on nine different medications, they have pneumonia. In order to address problem, they must add an antibiotic to already large amount of medication. Now they search through webs and journal articles to see what the new information . They look at the drug database for interactions between the drugs. Now the have their smart phone and use their e-prescribing tool

Key theme: contextual integration.
-Find ways to get to where physicians are.
-Use technologies to share solve simple problems first
-Great things that came from Pharma in 2008:
- contextual relevance
- ubiquity
- distribution vs destination
- value for physician and patient
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