Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ePharma Summit 2010: Implementing New and Innovative Communication Channels to Deliver Relevant Customer Messaging

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* Dennis Urbaniak, VP Customer Channels & Innovation, sanofi-aventis

What’s your goal for digital marketing? Where are you as an organization? What are you trying to be? New, Innovative, relevant?

To get to the relevant audience: What are you doing to appeal to them?

Rules to live by:
-Optimize your mix at the customer level, not the brand level
-Respect channel preference and channel response, equally
*Look at what customers prefer and respond to. You then have a place to build a sustainable platform.
-Apply predictive analytics as the foundation to your approach
-Content remains king. Content should be used to maximize user experience. Look at the amount of time you use to develop the content, and then look at how you can leverage it to reach your audience. Then you can distribute your content to everything, and your customers will find it through they channels they’d like to see it.

In Conclusion:
Let your customer drive your content. Be clear on what your intent is. And Predict, project and validate it.

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