Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ePharma Summit 2010: Interactive Polling Round I - Pharma on YouTube: Who’s Doing it Best?

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· Kevin “Nalts” Nalty, Prolific YouTube Video Creator
· Clare O'Brien, Sale & Business Development, You Tube/Google

What have Pharma advertisers already done on YouTube?
-YouTube is #2 Search Engine
-Homepage can be bought by sponsors
-One billion videos have been watched
-Twenty hours of video is being uploaded each minute

Brand Channel: Late December launch for ADHD.
Brand channels – great place for brand to live.

Destination you own, control, and a place to drive people. Concerta provides a place for consumers to empower themselves. A Branded channel – you are paying for exposure to your media. With twenty hours of video being uploaded each minute, you’re paying for exposure.
Concerta: http://www.youtube.com/adhd

Johnson & Johnson

They’re looking to creating a site where all their essence can live. The video always plays immediately when you get there. On the side, you can then choose your content.

Go Insulin

Their unbranded goinsulin.com website links to YouTube, then sanofi aventis is recognized on the page.

Brought to you by Symbacore, but then is is recognized throughout the page. It’s embedded in every webpage, there is also a coupon opportunity.

It’s very difficult to drive people off of YouTube, so give them the opportunities on that YouTube page, and don’t drive them back to a company’s webpage.

Research shows that people come to YouTube for one video, and they end up spending quite a bit of time surfing the videos.

The majority of attendees on (59%) only visit YouTube when someone sends me a link. However, 8% of attendees visit YouTube daily. It’s important to keep your costs low for YouTube videos, as you never really know how many consumers are going to watch them. Only ½ or less of video on the attendees’ web sites are making it to YouTube type video sites.

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