Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ePharma Summit 2010: Optimize Your Integrated Promotional Channel Mix

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Michael Konowicz, EVP, Integrated Strategy, Communications Media, Inc. (CMI)

Mark Davis, Integrated Consumer Marketing, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Monique Levy, Senior Director Research, Manhattan Research
Elaine Boxer, SVP, Marketing Strategy, Quality Health

Manhattan Research: The doctors are still strongly influencing patients health decision, followed by nurses. Health care professionals are still at the center of influence for patients. Also, family and friends have more influence than social networks. Editorial content is also more influential than social media.

As for physicians, they continue to use multiple sources for content, such as portals, email, corporate and product sites.

Novartis Company:
Digger, infamous for the commercial he appeared in, for Lamisil campaign used social media integrated with other marketing efforts: general awareness, print, direct to patient, e-marketing, in-store programming, NCS Consumer Health, in office programs.

There is payoff, and ROI is higher when you successfully use an integrated marketing campaign.

The key to success: making sure everything works successfully together.

Quality Health:

Looking at 3-D perspective.

Integration in 3-D: Who? Where? When?
You know who your audience is and where they consume media, when do they do it in the product or patient life cycle? With the third layer, you have a powerful marketing tool.

When? It’s not a linear process for a patient’s life cycle. It’s key to understand what the process is that the patient takes to get to the prescription and gain knowledge on their illness. The 4th dimension then turns to HOW. Find out where they’re getting their information. It could be their website, but it may be friends, family, YouTube, or external sites.

-Layer ROI of online and offline media vehicle as well as that sales force.
-Sales force re-allocated
-Budgets shifted from online to offline tactics
-DTC impacts on HCCP audience to be better analyzed and optimized

Integrating campaigns: Challenging on integrating into agencies. Tips?
-Meetings to align goals
-Time frames for media channels pose challenges
-Digital in front must be planning, it will help
-Agencies are expert more so then clients. Have someone look at brand consistency
-Place claim on your agencies to get along, and pay attention to the process they take. Get them together so they’re all on the same page when they look to market.
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