Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ePharma Summit 2010: Thought Leader Panel: The Evolving HCP and Consumer Media Mix

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* Paul Ivans, President, Evolution Road
* Dennis Urbaniak, VP, Customer Channels & Innovation, sanofi-aventis
* Bob Brooks, Vice President, WEGO Health
* Louis Sanquini, Director, Allergy Franchise, Meda Pharmaceuticals
* Nan-Kirsten Forte, Executive Vice President, Consumer Services, WebMD
* Joe Shields, Product Director, Pfizer, Inc.

Many of the things we used to go to the doctor for have been outsourced to places like Web MD, diagnostic tools online. By the time patients get to the office, they’ll just have to pick up the prescription at the office.

Typical Pharma marketing organizations were built to support sales teams. Customer behaviors don’t follow internal calendars. Must move from internal behavior to following trends, and teams need to be focused on external trends instead of internal trends. One must beware of external channel experts.

Measure nonpersonal communication with physicians:
Webinars with the right people can have the right impact. What is integration? How can we bring to life the waiting rooms to realize the experience? We’re disconnected from the target audience. We need to organize the fundamentals.

Five “Ls” of the next decade:

Prediction: Many amazing things will emerge from WebMD, many mobile applications will come together to create something great for consumes.

Once we understand how we want to communicate, you can tailor that to the audience. Speaker used examples of blocks for toddlers and coffee for busy mothers.

-It’s time for marketing to go beyond direct mail. We have to look at the measurement on the consumer engagement and measurement. Social Media can provide you the critical mass you need. Only 16% of those engaged in social media are measuring them.

If ePeople join the brand teams we’ll see a significant shift in the budget.

If we believe programs marketing is sharp and we’ve got the insights and unique selling propositions, belief in work will lead to a growth in the sales of prescriptions. If our only goal is to drive prescriptions.

-We have to be better upfront to understand what we’re going to accomplish.

Panel: What are the best tools out there for online data for customer insights?
You must look for the deeper understanding. The more relevant tools are those that are being used outside the industry. The model for market research is changing, and the evolution will be seen online. There are many great research organizations can help, depending upon what you’re looking to measure.

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