Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ePharma Summit 2010: Value-Add Beyond the Pill - The Digital Opportunity to Generate Patient Advocacy and Build Meaningful Differentiation with HCPs

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* Brian O'Donnell, Executive Vice President, Interactive Services, Klick Pharma
* Guest Speaker: Dave deBronkart, "ePatient Dave", Spokesperson and Advocate for Patient Empowerment

Where has patient support been? In reality, there hasn’t been much.

Patient support concept: HCP Differentiation: it’s difficult to stand out. It’s hard to reach the compelling story. Evolve beyond product itself. Patient to patient dialogue is evolving.

Smarter monitoring will lead to better care for patients
-The starting point: Patients and what they want. They work from there.

Engaged patients are talking.

e-Patient Dave stepped in to share his own story :
-A patient is not a third-person word.
-Patients of the future are connecting
-No way to control how your prospects will buy

Physicians suggest patients ignore. New relationships might change patient adherence: participatory medicine.
1) E-patients are here –today!
2) Patient to patient communication is here
3) Influencing treatment decisions
4) Looking for support
5) Willing to advocate

- Evolve from products to focusing on solutions
- Communications versus experiences – look to support experience
- How do you tailor the support experience for your users?
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