Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ePharma Summit: Chairman’s Address

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Paul Ivans, President, Evolution Road

Current state of pharmaceutical digital marketing: we need to prove value, ROI to senior management. But eventually we are going to change the marketing and sales model in Pharma. As an industry we need digital. To get there we need to ponder these things to help us fundamentally change:

1. Leverage celebrities to drive sales
2. Budgets
3. Online video
4. Social has changed the world

Pharma needs to go beyond the pill: mobile unlocks opportunity to focus on outcomes. Future+ Apps + Devices. Devices will integrate with cell phone. Bottom line is that we need to prove it; need to aggressively engage in video, social and especially in mobile for the future. To improve patient outcomes. Check out “Sixth Sense Technology” pranav mistry – use this to think about emerging opportunities for mobile
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