Friday, March 26, 2010

Study Shows Europe Leading in Health Related Social Media Use

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Matthew Arnold of Medical Marketing & Media reports that a recent study conducted by Digitas Health shows that physicians and consumers in European nations are more likely use social media for health information than Americans.

For the study, Kantar Health surveyed 1,000 physicians and consumers in the US and Europe on their use of social media.

Among the findings:
Sixty-seven percent of European consumers said they trust the information they find in social-media venues. Only 45% of American consumers agreed.

Fifty-two percent of European physicians said healthcare professionals should participate in discussions in patient forums and social networks, compared to only 41% of US physicians. Similarly, 41% of European doctors believe social media will play an increasingly important role in shaping their patient management and treatment, versus only 23% of US physicians.

To learn more about the findings we encourage you to check out Arnold's report:
Europe edges US in social media for health info, says study

What do you think are the factors that drive Europeans to adopt health related social media? Is this a surprise?

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