Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Compete in the Consumer Digital Health Market

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Countless technologies for fitness, wellness, senior care and disease management enter the market daily. But the question is, when and how will they impact clinical outcomes, reduce cost and help consumers take control of their health?

Join us in San Francisco on October 6 for VITAL, an all new event focused on exploring the realities of this emerging marketplace and seizing the business opportunities made possible by the creation of in-home health tools and devices.
With group discussions and case studies by leading health plans, employers, providers, and retailers, you will walk away with insight into consumer adoption trends, clinical outcomes data, unique business partnerships, reimbursement incentives, and standards for integration.

Join us in San Francisco on October 6, 2010. Find out more about the Vital Event here:

To begin networking now, join the Consumer Health Technologies LinkedIn group today!

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