Friday, August 6, 2010

Novartis's Facebook Share This Widget gets warning letter from FDA

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The Pharma Marketing blog took a look at the FDA letter Novartis received because of the "Share This" widget on their webpage. Received on July 29, the letter issued them a warning for not properly warning of the risks associated with the drug.

According to the Pharma Marketing blog, the one of the FDA reasoning for issuing this letter was:
"Facebook Share is a way for users of Facebook to share articles, pages, video, or flash content of a site with other Facebook users. Over two billion pieces of content are shared each week through Facebook. With two clicks, visitors to a website can share any page of that website through Facebook by generating a link to the page, along with a thumbnail image and a brief description (i.e., 'shared content') that will appear on the users’ profiles and, depending on privacy settings, in the home page stream of all of the users’ friends. Each time a link is shared by one user, potentially hundreds of new people may see and/or click through on the link."

Upon receiving the letter, they did pull the "Share This" feature on their Facebook page. Read Pharma Marketing's full article about the FDA letter here.
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