Friday, August 20, 2010

Reaching out through sales reps

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In a recent article at Pharma Executive, they look at how Pharma is having to reconsider the way they use their sales reps. Doctors make their decisions emotionally then back it up with the clinical data. It's the sales reps who communicate the facts and claims of the drugs to the doctors. One Pharma company developed a 4 step program to optimally include claims in their sales pitch that are emotionally based.

The Four Phases Pharma Marketer advises to implement a emotions based claim are:
1. Identify the underlying emotional context for claims-based messages.
2. Determine the most effective claims and benefits, and potential relationships between the two.
3. The brand team and creative agency used the claims/benefits combinations from Phase II to develop new messages for sales reps.
4. An ongoing message-tracking study that measures the impact of the messages and continuously improves them based on the results.

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