Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Integration is key for effective marketing

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Recently at One-to-One Media, they looked at the effectiveness of integrated marketing efforts. While print is still an important part any marketing campaign, the effective integration of digital marketing into this plan will result in more views. It will also allow your potential customers to customize their experience and ultimately make them more likely to say yes to your product. By allowing individuals to choose which platform they engage with you on, you can better customize their data to fit their needs. Across all platforms, mobile is the one that is growing the fastest.

The ePharma Summit has a number of sessions dedicated to integrating social media into the traditional media mix. Event Co-Chair Joe Shields, Product Director at Pfizer will be presenting on “Hyperintegration in Healthcare Marketing” on Wednesday February 9th followed by his colleague Barbara Dowling, Director, Team Lead, Multi Channel Planning at Pfizer, who will be talking about “Seamless Integration of E-Initiatives into Your Multi-Channel Media Plans.” Our eMarketing University and Social Marketing Bootcamp workshops will also help you fully incorporate your new media program, with more traditional marketing outlets. Click here to visit the webpage and download the full brochure and save up to 25% on your registration.
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