Friday, January 29, 2010

Will you be taking one of the final seats at the ePharma Summit?

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The 9th Annual ePharma Summit is less than two weeks away and we are happy to say that it is nearly sold out! But we want YOUR company to fill the final seats.

Pharmaceutical and biotech organizations from around the country are bringing their teams to take advantage of unparalleled interactive learning opportunities designed around business outcomes. Join us for exclusive case studies, workshops, all-star panels, roundtable discussions, audience polling, live interviews, and more.

More Pharma marketing and brand directors than ever before are coming to ePharma Summit this year, including:

* Abbott Laboratories * Acorda Therapeutics * Afexa Life Sciences * Amgen Inc * AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals * Bayer * Boehringer Ingelheim * Bristol Myers Squibb * Cephalon Inc * CSL Behring * Daiichi Sankyo * Eli Lilly & Company * Forest Laboratories Inc * Galderma Laboratories LP * Genentech Inc * GlaxoSmithKline * Johnson & Johnson * King Pharmaceuticals Inc * MannKind Corporation * Meda Pharmaceuticals * Merck & Company * Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation * Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals * Ortho McNeil Janssen Pharmaceutical Services * Pfizer * Purdue Pharma LP * Sanofi Aventis * Schering Plough Corporation * Shire Pharmaceuticals * UCB SA * Vertex Pharmaceuticals *

Experience the one and only ePharma Summit - Register today to:

• Learn from the leading industry e-marketing gurus
• Obtain valuable take aways from those in the know on FDA’s expectations surrounding pharma’s social media practices• Be part of the e-pharma digerati and share insider tips with over 350 people registered to attend
• Connect with your next online partner in the sold out exhibit hall

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NY Governor Patterson Pushes for Pharma Gift Bans

Pin It Now! reports that New York State Gov. David Patterson is joining with other politicians to push legislation that would bar sales reps from offering free meals, brand-name tchotchkes, et al, to doctors. The idea being to keep reps from using such inducements to persuade docs to use specific drugs.

According to the Associated Press, Gov. David Paterson is backing the proposal with promises that it would end up improving patient care and cut Medicaid costs. "[M]ore expensive drugs will not be prescribed for the wrong reasons," he said (as quoted by the AP).

Learn more: NY Governor: Let's ban pharma gifts

What do you think of this push for legislation to reduce gifts?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

FDA confronts criminal online pharmacy drug sellers

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According to The Tech Herald, the FDA has issued a warning to all criminal resellers of Pharmaceuticals online. Upon the illegal purchase of pharmaceuticals online, buyers will often receive a phone call from an FDA office threatening legal action unless a fine is paid.

Michael Chappell, the FDA's acting associate commissioner for regulatory affairs
"Impersonating an FDA official is a violation of federal law. The public should note that no FDA official will ever contact a consumer by phone demanding money or any other form of payment."

While Pharma is having a difficult time navigating the marketing waters for Pharmaceuticals, now criminals are toying with the actions of those searching online for medical information. What do you think about situations like the one above? Should the FDA place their focus on monitoring online marketing for legitimate drug companies, or should they focus on the regulating marketing for the other companies?

Read the full article here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

As seen on TV - Pharma's top websites

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A new Manhattan Research study recently looked at how television commercials impacted the traffic to different Pharma websites. By looking at over 250 websites and surveying 6,575 consumers, these were the top 10 websites for Pharma when advertised for on television:

1. NuvaRing
2. Latisse
3. Cialis
4. Boniva
5. Abilify
6. Gardasil
7. Yaz
8. Viagra
9. Levitra
10. Lunesta

Manhattan Research's Monique Levy will be participating in the panel "Optimize Your Integrated Promotional Channel Mix," Wednesday, February 10 at the ePharma Summit. For more on the ePharma Summit, visit our webpage here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pfizer Offers Grant to Stanford Doc Continuing Ed Program

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Duff Wilson of the New York Times reports that global pharmaceutical leader, Pfizer has agreed to grant Stanford University a lump sum of $3M for its continuing education program for doctors. This will be the first program of its kind that aims to be devoid of drug industry influence within the cirriculum. While many have praised the program, few see a direct issue with the pharmaceutical money and and a supposed unbiased education for doctors.

Wilson's report says, Stanford said the curriculum would focus on areas that needed improvement, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, smoking cessation and infections. The university plans to use advanced technologies, including a simulated hospital, rather than lecturing.

“The Pfizer grant comes with no conditions, and the company will not be involved in developing the curriculum,” according to a medical school press release.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can Web 2.0 Truly Improve Health Care?

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John Mack recently posted an interesting article in the Pharma Marketing Blog in which even though many social media evangelists claim that social media has improved healthcare and its delivery, there is no tangible evidence to that proves this claim. There is proof however that consumers have reached health information through web 2.0, but that raises an issue of how valid was the information the consumer found? Did the consumer benefit from the information on the web?

The launch of mobile health care related applications on the iPhone and other smart phones will also bring about more heated discussions as the FDA will continue to find actual evidence to support these claims.

The FDA will have a lot to look forward to in 2010 with social media technology.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Utah looking at offering perscriptions online

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According to the USA Today, Utah is looking to become the only state that allows prescriptions medicine to be filled online without visiting a doctor for examination. There are very few websites that are considered legal by the government to distribute online prescriptions. Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo, is the one looking to push the legislation forward in his state. However, this could expand multi-state, as shipping is not limited to Utah. Read more about the proposal here.

What are you opinions of this? What could be the benefits of a state legally allowing online prescriptions? How would this benefit the community?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Diet Drug Maker Glaxo to Pay for a Film on Eating

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The New York Times reports that the makers of Alli will fund a documentary style film to educate on obesity. Glaxo is sparing no expense by hiring such big name actors as Alec Baldwin and Susan Sarandon.

Brooks Barnes writes that while corporations back films all the time, it is rare for one to pay for a documentary with direct hopes that it will translate into bigger profits. As a rule, documentary makers are an aggressively anticorporate crowd.

Learn more: Diet Drug Maker Glaxo to Pay for a Film on Eating

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pharma Enterprise 2.0 in 2010

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This post in John Sharp's eHealth blog explains how many corporations and businesses still block social media from their employees. John even rounds up two blog posts from the Harvard Business Review and ReadWriteWeb that argues for a more pragmatic Enterprise 2.0. Here are the articles:

The Über-Connected Organization: A Mandate for 2010
Let’s Move Away From Social Media and Get Down to Business

Where do you think enterprise 2.0 is headed in the pharma space?