Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Save the Date - Multi Channel Pharma Marketing Event

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The producers of the sold out ePharma Summit invite you to join us this fall for an all ALL NEW event that will help you drive brand advocacy and elevate top line sales.

An onslaught of environmental factors have led to a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical marketing model:
-Heightened regulatory scrutiny - The shift from the blockbuster to the nichebuster - The omnipresence of generic drugs - Changing consumer preferences - Fragmented media...

In order to compete, pharma companies are forced to rethink their approach as traditional sales and marketing techniques have been rendered inefficient and ineffective. The Multi Channel Pharma Marketing Event is the ONLY industry event focused on breaking down internal silos to achieve channel integration and maximize return on engagement.

All new topics include:
● Bust Silos to Identify New Marketing Insights and Opportunities
● Get the Most Out of Your Agency Partnerships From Contract to Execution
● Prepare for the Paradigm Marketing Shift Created by the New Economic and Regulatory Environment
● Enhance Patient-Provider Relationships to Achieve True Return on Engagement
● Adopt Actionable Segmentation Techniques to Drive Market Growth
● Improve Mission Critical Managed Care Partnerships to Secure Market Access
● Take Value Add to the Next Level to Differentiate Your Brand and Build Sustainable Relationships
● Evaluate the ROI of Your Media Plan Without Getting Bogged Down in the Data

Hear multi channel success stories from sanofi-aventis, AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squib, Genentech, Novo Nordisk, Daiichi Sankyo, and more.

Visit the webpage to learn more here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hospital factors in iPad technology

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According to an article at Mashable, a hospital in Visalia, California, has outfitted some of its doctors with iPads. The Director of Technology Services, Nick Volosin, believes it's a technology that can be used instead of laptops. The technology allows a less obtrusive station to caputre electronic medical data.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where does Pharma start their social media strategy?

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PR For Pharma recently posed the question: Where do you begin your social media strategy? While as marketers we automatically look for the financial benefit as a place to start and work backwards, that may not be the right place for Pharma to start their social media.

Instead, Pharma companies should start by looking at the patient and where they start their online journey for health information. Once Pharma knows where their patients go online, then they should find an appropriate way to place their information where the patients are going to find it. It's also good to start looking online at the information that is already there for the patient.

What do you think? Is this advice you believe you should follow? Read the full article here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Number of Registered Twitter Users Surpass 100 Million

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According to this post from Adam Ostrow of Mashable, twitter finally revealed their big number at the Chirp Conference. 105 million! Can you say shocking? Twitter continues to grow adding about 300,000 new users everyday. It is still behind Facebook with numbers boasting 400 million, but the gap is becoming smaller by the day. What does mean for the pharma industry?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What did people have to say about the 9th Annual ePharma Summit?

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So what did people have to say about the 9th Annual ePharma Summit? We had a team onsite to take in what many attendees thought was unique about this conference.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What can you do when Pharma says no?

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In a recent blog post by Dr. Andrew Spong, he looks at how marketers can combat a "no" from the Pharma companies when it comes to engaging with online communities. Actions can be taken to encourage your Pharma company to begin interacting and learning from social media.

The first step Spong suggests is:
Call your reluctant colleagues and clients out on the phantasms that are issues for them, but rather less so in reality – by which I means do a real needs assessment based on their fear of regulatory constraints (which even the regulators don’t agree with); ROI (which needs to be redefined as impact/impuse/inclusion/involvement or (as a negative measure) ignoring); AER (1 in 500 in the USA; Talk the group’s concerns to death. Make the problem go away – if only for this team. Turn them into advocates, internally.

Read the rest of the article here. What do you think? Do you have any contributions to Dr. Spong's list about what could be done to encourage social Pharma in the future?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Biotech is still Lagging in Social Media Use

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Here's an interesting news clip from NECN Business in which they discuss that although many companies have found ways to advance their products through social media, the biotech industry is still lagging way behind. The problem seems to be the FDA and the strong hold on regulations that they have on pharma advertising. Make sure to watch the 3 minute video below.