Friday, October 29, 2010

The ePatient Online

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Today, @blueeyepath tweeted great infographic featuring many of the statistics of how patients search for their medical information online.

A few of the statistics I found interesting:

-61% of E-patients who want news or information about medical conditions or diseases via social media
-77% of those recently diagnosed turn to find out more information about the disease online
-10 Million adults turn to their mobile phones to find out more health information online

See the full PDF here.

What statistics surprised you?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In rare move, ad schedules available for parents

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In a rare step, Viagra and Cialis, sold and marketed by Pfizer and Lilly, have shared their media schedules with the Parents Television Council according to MM&M Online. The Council has now has the schedule posted on their website, so parents can control whether or not children are watching television while they air.

Tim Winter, the Parents Television Council president, stated:
“We applaud all three companies for their willingness to address the concerns raised by parents, grandparents and others who have been caught off guard by ED advertisements."

The full schedule of airing times can be viewed here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mobile technology's influence on Pharma Marketing

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Join us at the 10th annual ePharma Summit to learn about the impact that mobile technology is having on Pharma marketing and health care in general. Our mobile technology focused tracks include coverage of the innovations in mobile technology from Brian Dolan of MobiHealth News as well as a compelling case study from Dr. Jennifer Shine Dyer of Nationwide Children’s Hospital on the use of text messaging to promote patient compliance. Click here to see all mobile related sessions.

Robert Lucente Thinks Mobile is the Future of Pharma from Zemoga on Vimeo.

Use your time at the summit to meet new providers like Augme Mobile Health or to exhibit your product in front of the top organizations in the life sciences industry including:

AstraZeneca • Bayer • Bristol-Myers Squibb • Boehringer-Ingelheim • Millennium • Pfi zer • Merck • Shire Pharmaceuticals • Novo Nordisk • Purdue Pharma • ViroPharma • Daiichi Sankyo • Vertex Pharmaceuticals • Janssen Pharmaceuticals • Aton Pharma •Astellas Pharma • GlaxoSmithKline

Register today using the code XP1606BLOG and save 25% on your registration.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

John Mack at the Multi Channel Pharma Marketing Event

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Pixels and Pills is on location this week at the Multi Channel Pharma Marketing Event! In this video clip, they interview John Mack, Editor & Publisher, Pharma Marketing News, who is on location!

John Mack Goes Back to His PharmaGuy Roots! from Zemoga on Vimeo

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Video Detailing: Now and Then

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Live video detailing and its role in the pharma-physician relationship is a topic we’ve been exploring at Manhattan Research in our annual ePharma Physician® studies. Below are a few trends we’ve seen in recent years:

Video Detailing Reemerges in 2008

Our 2008 version of this study showed promising results that live videoconferencing was finally reemerging as a viable service channel for manufacturers. Significant improvements in video technology and a growing crop of vendors supporting recruitment and fulfillment of these programs were paving the way for increased acceptance among physicians and reps alike. At this time, a meaningful share of physicians (about 1 in 10 ePharma Physicians*) were already using video detailing with pharma reps, and interest in using this channel was very high. Additionally, more than half of doctors already using video detailing were satisfied with the experience.

Manufacturer video detailing initiatives were still in piloting stages for the most part though, with Merck leading the way in terms of reach and innovation. Key issues at this time included benchmarking uptake and satisfaction. Pharma was interested in determining if video detailing could replace some in-office details or enable reps to ‘see’ docs they otherwise could not access face-to-face.

Video Detailing Continues to Evolve in 2010

Our 2010 ePharma Physician® research provided some more answers about how live video detailing is evolving as channel for pharma-physician communication and promotion. Video detailing grew rapidly between 2008 and 2010 – more than doubling to about one-third of ePharma Physicians*. Additionally, a considerable share of users of this channel report their prescribing behavior is influenced by these programs, which is critical feedback for marketers concerned about the return on investment of this channel.

Convenience is a major factor driving physician use of video detailing, but study findings also indicate that physicians are using video detailing for the purposes that many companies intended – namely to replace face-to-face rep interactions and obtain critical information on new products.

What Does the Future Hold for Video Detailing?

Though live video detailing has shown favorable results among users over the past two years, research suggests that adoption will likely plateau for the next few years as pharma companies work to optimize their targeting and communication of the value proposition of this channel to non-users.

In the coming months, Manhattan Research will be releasing an in-depth report about the video detailing landscape. This report will also detail some of the more challenging aspects of video detailing, including barriers to future adoption, what marketers must need to do to increase penetration, what other areas it’s cannibalizing, and how use varies by specialty.

*ePharma Physicians are U.S. physicians who have looked online for pharmaceutical information, visited a pharmaceutical or biotech product or corporate website, or participated in an e-detailing program from a pharmaceutical or biotech company in the past 12 months. ePharma Physicians comprise 88% of the U.S. physician population in 2010.

Study Background

ePharma Physician® v10.0 was conducted via online survey in Q2 2010 among 1,713 U.S. physicians who have looked online for pharmaceutical information, visited a pharmaceutical or biotech product or corporate website, or participated in an e-detailing program from a pharmaceutical or biotech company in the past 12 months.

For additional information, please visit , contact, or call 1.888.680.0800, ext. 2.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Digital trends in Pharma Marketing

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I recently came across this presentation which looks at how the way we surf the internet is changing, along with the way digital Pharma marketers are adapting to it.