Monday, February 7, 2011

ePharma 2011: Social Media Bootcamp: Policies and Regulations

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Ray Chepesiuk, PAAB

There are currently no FDA regulations, so how do you know what to comply to? For online, there are no published guidelines for online marketing. Pharma needs to be much better at self regulation while there are currently no guidelines from the FDA. Even though there are not guidelines, enforcement activities continue.

Regulatory steps to social media and activities: the more complex the activity, the higher the value for the company. Should manufactures monitor the Internet for adverse events? If you can’t get all the information, your liability goes down. A company should have rules about who can engage and what sites they engage on. Regulatory rules are ones that help you succeed. If it is not appropriate in advertising or print media, it’s probably not appropriate in social media.

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Social Media Policy Development is about those who put it in place. How will the employees go about communicating in the space? Guidelines – for the company or the employees – should be about the people. Social media policies should be about the people that use them.

Once a policy is in place, it should continually evolve and change with the circumstances. It should also facilitate success. Good policy comes from three things: people, process and practice. Different departments should have different policies, as they will be using social media in different ways. Think about who it is going to harm.

If you’re going to write a social media policy, you must accept that it is a process.

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Policies have to be practiced constantly, and they have to be changeable. If you haven’t failed in social media, you’re not doing it correctly. What’s the difference between policy and process? Policy – review social media comments in 24 hours. Process – who is actually doing it. They’re interrelated, but still something to be considered.

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