Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ePharma 2011: This is the year of mobile

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Search: Tried, Trusted and True—Now Tell Me What's New!
• Maryann Belliveau, Google • Ann Cowan, Google

Google continues to focus on search quality centered around the user. Consumers are searching for health information more than ever before, and differently. Google Instant was developed about that, focusing on getting to the information faster. People feel empowered and impacting their confidence after looking online for health information.

Mobile usage expanding:
  • -The average adult carries 2.5 phones
  • -Mobile queries are up to 15% from 7% a year ago
  • -Companies should be thinking about how their websites look on a phone
Innovations in Mobile—Tools , Applications and Platforms
• Brian Dolan, Mobihealthnews • Xavier Petit, Shire US • Dorothy Gemmell, WebMD

WebMD is seeing a drop in Blackberry usage and increase in Droid and Apple usage. The mobile use by physicians is expanding rapidly. WebMD has noticed both from Mobile and App perspectives. As for consumers, WebMD is seeing 3.6 million downloads of the WebMD App. A year after the App was released, statistics for WebMD Mobile and Web. Males are still using the product a little more. They are seeing people go from the App to the Website on the phone.

2011- The Year of Mobile - Practical Steps to Help You Get Started
Jay Goldman, Klick Pharma

Market Penetration will be more in the SmartPhones than regular phones, which will be the first time in history. The number of desktop searches over the years goes from 250 billion searches, the number of searches on mobile this year will be equivalent to the number of desktop searches five years ago. 29% of 18-29 year olds do health searches via mobile. By 2015, 500 million people will be using SmartPhone Apps.

What is Pharma & Mobile Healthcare good for? Marketing, patient support, hcp tools, and anything else.

Mobile webpage and challenges:
  • Think of mobile browsers: consider Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera.
  • Different uses of these browsers – laptop, desktops, mobile devices.
  • Flash content not supported on many SmartPhones
How do you drive traffic to your mobile site?
  • Distinct URLs
  • QRCodes
  • Mobile Advertising
85% of smartphone users from 35-44 have download an app. The people Pharma are targeting are online. Now is the time to figure out where mobile is going and how to jump in and take advantage of it. Remember to link your webpage to the App Store.

Three Recommendations for Mobile Nirvana:
  1. Test EVERYTHING (even on mobile)
  2. Optimize in parallel (or after)
  3. Start with a pilot app, test, optimize it, then spread it across platforms

Seamless Integration of e-Initiatives into Your Multi Channel Media Plan
• Barbara Dowling, Pfizer, Inc. • Jonathan Richman, Digital Dose • Lou Sanquini – VP Marketing Innovation

Ten Things Pharma Companies Should be Doing according to Jon Richman, Dose of Digital:
10. User Experience
9. Innovation
8. Content Syndication
7. Online Quetsions – Have them answered
6. Backend of your webpage
5. Customer service
4. CRM
3. Meaningful Analytics
2. Mobile
1. Search
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