Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ePharma Summit 2011: Questions you should be asking yourself to improve innovation

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Ten Types of Innovation and the Evolution of the New Pharma Models
Kathleen Onieal & Jeff Wordham, Monitor Group
Trends in driving the need to re-thinking the customer model: decreasing physician access, declining rep impact, declining R&D productivity, rising focus on value and outcomes, and new technologies and channels among others.

What is the customer model:
  • Who is being engaged?
  • What is the value being provided to them?
  • How does this value reach them?
10 Types and patterns of innovation:
  1. business model
  2. networking
  3. enabling process
  4. core process
  5. product performance
  6. product system
  7. service
  8. channel
  9. brand
  10. customer experience
To start the innovation process, look at the actual experience the customer is going through and work with that. Look at the assets you have, and who should you partner with to deliver? In Pharma, the most innovation is happening. There are very low levels of innovation in law and toy industry. Product system innovation is very little too.

Two types of innovation integration:
  1. How do you create more integrated customer experience?
  2. How do you integrate across clusters of stakeholders?
For innovation, you must work across the innovation, encourage experimentation (how do you encourage this?) and adaption, build new skills sets and think outside your organization.
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