Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kyp’s Physical to Digital Technology to Be in Full Force at ePharma Summit

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Kyp®, an engagement marketing company specializing in physical to digital solutions, will be putting its expertise to use at this year’s annual ePharma Summit. Kyp will connect attendees to the event and each other through its iKyp webkey™ technology, which will power the “ePharma Connect” feature—allowing attendees to network electronically, as well as have immediate access to all conference presentations and details.

Kyp develops unique solutions using products and services designed to physically engage audiences and drive behavior. By appealing to a combination of senses, Kyp's patented designs, formats and technologies create intrigue—compelling people to interact with content and get a kick out of discovery.

With a strong focus in the healthcare industry, Kyp empowers pharmaceutical marketers to connect with patients and physicians through intuitive learning experiences that begin in the physical world. Kyp helps brands, product managers and their agencies to launch and reposition new products, as well as update new indications. Kyp’s engagement solutions guide audiences through personalized and progressive educational journeys and its unique analytic applications provide unparalleled understanding of ROI - including Rx trend analysis that spans digital and physical channels.

The relevance of Kyp’s marketing solutions stems from the company’s in-depth understanding of communication technology trends and the importance of physical interaction points in the healthcare industry. These patented and proprietary solutions are only available from one source. Kyp.

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Kyp is a sponsor of the 2011 ePharma Summit. Join us at the most respected digital marketing event for the life sciences industry, taking place February 7-9, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers in New York City.
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