Thursday, February 3, 2011

Which Pharma Product Websites are Driving Consumers to the Doctor to Request Prescriptions?

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Pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research, Media Partner for the ePharma Summit, recently released the ePharma Consumer® v10.0 study, which explores the online behaviors of ePharma Consumers, or U.S. consumers using the Internet for prescription drug information. The study also provides in-depth metrics for hundreds of pharma product websites, including satisfaction, reasons for visiting, and post-visitation actions, as well as adoption and interest for various types of online resources and services from pharma.

What are the top Pharma product websites driving visitors to request that prescription from the doctor?

1. Levitra®
2. Chantix®
3. Cialis®
4. Nexium® (
5. Yaz®
6. Lyrica®
7. NuvaRing®
8. Symbicort®
9. Viagra®
10. Lunesta®

Websites with the highest percent of visitors responding that they “requested a prescription for this product from a doctor” after visiting website for themselves; Among U.S. adults ages 18+ online for pharma information and websites for which n>60

*Industry average of aided responses across more than 320 product websites visited

Click here for more information about the ePharma Consumer® study.

Read the full press release here.

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