Thursday, March 24, 2011

Save $1,000 at Singularity University's newest program, FutureMed

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FutureMed at Singularity University: A New Program focused on Understanding and Leveraging Exponential Technologies for Healthcare and Medicine

How will rapidly developing technologies such as the low cost genomic sequencing and pharmacogenomics, artificial intelligence, point of care diagnostics, medical IT, telemedicine, robotics, mobile apps, 24/7 body wearable monitors, smart pills, stem cell biology, synthetic biology, gene therapy, 3D printing and crowd sourced health data affect the future of healthcare, pharma and medicine?

Singularity University is pleased to present FutureMed, an Executive Program, to be held May 10th-15th on the NASA Ames Research Park in Silicon Valley. FutureMed is the first program of its kind; a multidisciplinary, immersive and hands-on experience uniquely designed for healthcare professionals .

FutureMed educates and prepares physicians, senior biotech and pharma executives, entrepreneurs and investors to understand and recognize the opportunities and disruptive influences of exponentially growing technologies. These game changing technologies and innovations have great implications in medicine, healthcare and the biomedical industry in the decade ahead.
FutureMed core tracks include those which will explore the exponential trends in Information/Data-driven and Internet Enabled Health Care, Genomics and Personalized Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Robotics & Future Interventional approaches, NeuroMedicine, Device & Drug development, and Entrepreneurship. 

Talks, Workshops and site visits will be led by a mix of world class faculty from across the biomedical and healthcare spectrum.

Singularity University was Co-Founded by Ray Kurzweil (futurist, inventor, and author of The Singularity Is Near) and Peter Diamandis (Chairman & Founder of the X-PRIZE). SU’s mission is to assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies in order to address humanity’s grand challenges.

Please visit the FutureMed website to learn more and register to attend. Obtain a $1,000 discount if registering before April 1, with the discount code 'ePharma'.
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