Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Sales Force of the Future: Progressive and Digitally Active

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New dynamics within the pharmaceutical industry are requiring a paradigm shift in the current business model. The focus should now be on reinventing -- rather than just re-engineering -- the personal sales approach. In order to continue to be successful, pharmaceutical companies need to redefine how they service their clients.

Virtual Pharma Rep Direct Connect 360 solves the problems of the traditional pharmaceutical sales model by employing a new Internet-driven approach that will engage clients to fulfill their educational requirements and service expectations. It focuses on the desires of clients rather than on products, and builds dominant relationships through personal, convenience-based real-time online interactions.

ePharma Summit West will give you insight into the future of your sales force with interactive sessions including "The Sales Force of the Future: Progressive and Digitally Active" and "Seamless Integration of E-Initiatives into your Multi-Channel Media Plans." For more on the ePharma Summit West program, download the brochure here. Be sure to use the code XP1656BLOG when registering to save 10%.

The features of Direct Connect 360 render contact efforts vastly more effective for both parties, with greatly increased participation, yet at a greatly reduced cost for pharmaceutical companies. Embracing industry changes and stepping forward to become a part of the process will yield great rewards.

Jim Rediehs, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual Pharma Rep™, explains, "Solving the current challenges in providing education and knowledge to physicians and enhancing the all-important pharmaceutical-to-physician relationship were our goals, and we are extremely excited to introduce these new communications strategies to the industry."

Virtual Pharma Rep's Direct Connect 360 program will meet and surpass clients' needs while saving them significant money to assist current representatives in obtaining their goals, filling white space or utilizing the program as a complete sales system with measurable growth outcome.

The Virtual Pharma Rep™ white paper titled "Sustainable Success in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing" examines the current state of pharmaceutical sales and how technology and changing physician behavioral conventions are creating opportunity for a fundamental shift in the classic sales model. Get access to the white paper by visiting www.virtualpharmarep.com/white-paper.html.
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