Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The digital presence of Doctors and Sales Reps

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The Teledoc iPad and iPhone devices are on their way this summer reports Mobiledia.  These digital tools are apps that allow patients to request on demand video chats with registered physicians.  This is just one way doctors and Pharma are bridging the new gaps to connect with patients in light of budget cuts and the poor economy.

The Pharma companies are diving in as well, Astra Zeneca has adopted AZ Touchpoints, Boehringer Ingelheim launched an educational marketing campaign for doctors with Pradaxa, and Novo Nordisk has launched the "Coags Uncomplicated" app to diagnose bleeding disorders.  The article, does mention at the end, these technical advances still don't replace face to face contact and the benefits that can provide for the doctor/patient relationship or even the Pharma sales representative/doctor relationship.  How do you see software like this aiding the industry?  

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