Thursday, May 12, 2011

Social for Pharma could be a powerful educational tool

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Education is the key to online marketing for Pharma marketers according to Dave Folkins at the Top Rank Online Marketing Blog. He believes that lack of regulations has kept many Pharma marketers from entering the space. While there aren’t guidelines as to how companies should, many Pharma companies are still finding success and followings with their plans while avoiding DDMAC letters, as only one of 52 issued last year dealt with social media.

Folkins suggests that Pharma marketing divisions work closely with their legal teams. Also, have a few ways to share the risk information. Education about illnesses provides Pharma a way to join the community online and educate, and could be one of the key ways that Pharma has success in the social space.

What do you think? Should Pharma companies look for their social strategies to educate the public about disease/illness awareness?
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