Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Study Shows New Rules for Increasing Web Traffic

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A new Intelligence report released today by CONTEXTWEB Inc., a leading provider of integrated digital media services, reports that pharmaceutical advertisers can realize significant gains in campaign effectiveness and efficiency at scale by moving beyond a limited focus on premium health content.

The report from CONTEXTWEB, entitled "Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing: Go Beyond Traditional Targeting," also recommends a mix of digital marketing tactics as the best formula for achieving success in pharma advertising while remaining compliant with federal restrictions and maintaining brand safety. Importantly, these tactics avoid the use of cookie targeting, a generally discouraged practice in the pharma industry.

Among other findings, the report reveals how pharma advertisers using custom content channels called “Hotspots” realized click-through rates that were 70% above average for pharma campaigns, and 24% more efficient in terms of cost per click. A Hotspot is created by analyzing the content consumption patterns of an advertiser's audience target. The report also used a “Smart Target,” a sample demographic profile of typical pharma consumers. The pharma Smart Target was created by combining leading third-party audience data with CONTEXTWEB proprietary system data to analyze action patterns – in this case, clicks on pharma ads.

Some other research findings include:

  • Pharma advertisers can realize nearly three times the reach when using inventory from the long-tail Internet (i.e., websites not as heavily trafficked) as compared to popular short-tail sites.
  • When using a mix of health- and non-health-related content, reach can increase by over 600%.

To download a copy of the CONTEXTWEB Intelligence Report, click here.

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