Monday, June 20, 2011

Only 9 days until the free Pharma Virtual Sales & Marketing Summit

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Competitive and technological changes in the pharma industry are reshaping the way pharmaceutical companies are marketing their products.  Some are more ahead than others in successfully carrying out digital marketing campaigns and interacting with their customers in a way in which their customers want to interact.  This now increasingly means mobile devices, social media and interactive sites, with less control and world of mouth spreading faster than ever before.  Pharma marketing teams need to quickly adapt to the fast-paced world in which Healthcare professionals and their patients live.

Join us at the free to attend online Pharma Virtual Sales and Marketing Summit on 29 June as we provide insights on successful digital projects which make a positive difference to the whole organisation and key stakeholders. With best practice video webcasts, same time Q&A with speakers, the latest news on innovations in digital technologies, mid-year industry updates, online interviews plus more - this event is not to be missed.

Specific sessions which may be of interest include:

Best practive live! How can digital pharma successfully supply information through social media and interactive sites? Part 1 (14.30 BST) and Part 2 (15.30 BST)
Craig Delarge from Novo Nordisk will share his views on this topic in the first at 14.30 BST from the US and will be followed by two speakers joining us live from the studio in London, who will talk about:
- Janssen's youtube project
- Pfizer's Man MOT website

Bringing digital into strategy and operations for integrated multi-channel marketing 16:30 - 17:00
This webcast will highlight how to communicate internally to coordinate strategy and operations which include digital  in multi-channel marketing and information on how to convert from a traditional to a multi-channel marketing strategy. It will also feature highlights on choosing the best forms of digital advertising within your multi-channel mix and will give examples of best and worst practice for successful multi-channel strategy in the digital (r)evolution.

Register today for this free event or for more information go to to see the full agenda

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