Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Rep. Weiner could learn from attending ePharma West

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Photo Source: IBT
As we all know by now, Mr. Weiner is quite fond of his social media outlets and could use a lesson or two in decorum. Join us at ePharma West to get your lesson before it’s too late. ePharma West has multiple sessions on the prescribed use of social media and how to connect with the right audience on the right platforms.

What Representative Weiner could learn this July:

    •How to measure his social media campaigns. RepresentativeWeiner did not realize that by providing inappropriate content (without the requisite Side Effects Information) that he could be fined, or even worse lose his job. In the Social Media Drivers Ed workshop, he could learn about the ins and outs of designing a social media campaign and how to attract the right audience.
  • What he should, and shouldn’t be, tweeting to his “constituents.” With a lack of strict regulations from the FDA, it can be tough to know where the line is for digital marketing. But our experts, like Peter Pitts of Porter Novelli, will help guide you through the regulatory maze so you can get your message out without having to go through an ethics committee hearing.
  • Figure out how social media fits in the big picture. As Representative Weiner knows better than anyone, social media is no small part of a person or company’s public image. Hear from Ben Lei of Genentech as he discusses the integration of your e-initiatives into your multi-channel plans.

Don’t get caught not knowing the latest in digital marketing trends and techniques. ePharma West is taking place this July 27-27, 2011 in Santa Clara, California. Register using the code XP1656BLOG to save 10% off of our early bird rates.
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