Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DDMAC Director says Social Media Guidelines Coming Soon

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Tom Abrams, director of FDA’s Division (soon to be Office) of Drug Marketing, Advertising & Communications (DDMAC), said that publishing social media guidelines for industry is the division’s “highest priority,” and that the document will be “published as soon as it’s vetted.”
Abram’s comments, made during a panel this morning at the Drug Information Association’s (DIA) annual meeting in Chicago, prompted audience members to probe Abrams, and his CBER colleague Lisa Stockbridge, branch chief of the Advertising and Promotional Labeling Branch, about specific policies governing online promotion. One audience member wondered whether unbranded, educational campaigns online could link to branded sites, or if that kind of activity would generate an enforcement letter. Abrams responded that his own question, in that instance, would be, “Why are you linking to a brand site?” if a campaign is designed specifically to educate about a disease, as opposed to a branded campaign designed to sell a product. When pressed, he said an educational or awareness campaign – which isn’t required to present risk information, since no drug is being promoted – linking to a brand site would “have to be considered on a case by case basis.” Industry has been browbeating DDMAC about issuing social media guidelines for years.
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Original article written by: Ben Comer, Senior Editor, Pharmaceutical Executive magazineThe original article can be found here.
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