Monday, July 25, 2011

#ePharma Summit West: eMarketing University: What digital tools do you have?

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Landscape Overview: What Tools are in Your Backpack?
Shawn O'Hagen, Daiichi Sankyo Inc

This morning we kicked of the eMarketing University by examining what tools we have an what we need for successful digital marketing.

Healthcare professionals are at an increasing rate are finding healthcare online. Mobile technology is also a growing sector for doctors and patients. Sales forces are downsizing, but digital techniques allow companies to still reach doctors.

What is really needed for digital marketing? By default, all companies should have a digital presence, but the companies should understand where their market ads are. The two key things needed: Web page and banner ads. Start today collecting your patients and physicians email. It is the quickest way to communicate with them. O’Hagen believes social media is more of a want than a need for digital marketing, but hard to leverage and regulation is still fuzzy.

Relationship marketing is looking at multichannel marketing (all the channels that a physician or patient would look at), identifying all the touch points that brings them together and identifies the behavioral changes.

Important questions to ask when considering the digital process:
  • Where is the product in its life cycle?
  • What are the brand’s priorities?
  • Who are the target customers?
  • What is the brand position/messaging?
  • What have we learned from past programs? Can programs be scaled if successful?

The Digital Process:
Analyze, test, measure, learn, scale

Where are the physicians going on the web? Why are they going there? Are you giving them the tools to make them come to your webpage? Where are the 3rd party opportunities that can you drive awareness?

Designing your eMarketing Strategy: Understanding Ad Networks and Questions to Ask Your Agency
Ben Lei, Genentech

Companies are moving to a world where marketing and e-marketing are blurred.  Don’t assume agency can do good digital work, because digital is still new.  Bring in people with expertise to evaluate companies and their skills sets, and have an insider in your company with e-expertise is in charge of the project who also cultivate relationships with agencies you trust. Companies should not focus solely on social media presence, expand beyond this single platform to mobile, paid ads and more options. 

Even though a company’s sole focus should not be on social media, listening to the chatter on the channels is key.  Know how they work and sign up for the platforms to fully understand them.  Evaluate the potential opportunities so that you do know how to utilize the right channels once DDMAC releases the guidelines.

When utilizing webpages,  page views, cost-per-clicks and visitors shouldn’t be the sole measurement.  Engagement is a key factor.  Remember the basics in digital marketing, including paid search and search engine optimization.  It is key to have full control where your ads appear, as the keywords could be picked up for other searches.  Mobile devices are changing the way people are looking at webpages.  
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