Tuesday, July 26, 2011

#ePharma West: Analytics. When, where and how?

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Measuring Digital Marketing Toward Supporting Patient Adherence & Consumer Education
Peter Frishauf, Non-executive Chairman of the Board, Crossix Solutions Inc
Jeremy Mittler, Analytics Services Director, Crossix Solutions Inc

Crossix Solutions Inc helps match patient/consumer data to prescription data to help link effective medicine. This company innovates for Pharma in the digital space with patient adherence. Three out of four patients aren’t adherent which results in 125,000 deaths a year. Over $310 billion dollars a year is the cost of non-adherence. Digital is playing an increasing role in improving adherence. How can you measure that your adherence campaigns are successful?

Reaching Existing Patients:
  • Direct to Consumer efforts leads to 51% existing patients responding. 
  • Digital is another way to reach patients. Data from any websites and the visitors can be linked to their prescription data. Only 9% of Cymbalta visotors to Cymbalta.com webpage are existing patients. As for Albify, only 4% of visitors are patients.

Benefits from patient adherence programs:
In a one year time frame, you can see the value of one script per person per brand. The really simple guide for an adherence program is to spend less than the value of a script per person.  When considering the goal of an adherence program, unless there isn't measurement success cannot be measured. It is critical to monitor how different avenues drive success rates to prescription adherence.

Financing Online Projects: Making the Case for Digital Dollars
Moderator: Jonathan Richman, Possible Worldwide
Panelists: Sue Niedrich of Lundbeck
John Viera of Daiichi Sankyo

How do you increase your digital dollars?

  • - Have a vision and know the cost of your digital marketing plan ahead of time
  • - Be ready for a budget to open towards the end of the year.
  • - Find a senior vice president level who will be willing to try new innovative things.
  • - Don’t underestimate the value of an advisory board

Viera: It is critical to prove the case for digital dollars. Margin values should be supplied for current efforts. There is no awards system in Pharma for innovation, so it is an uphill battle. It can be hard to get progressive digital champions in Pharma. Brand teams need to think about digital marketing through strategic questioning through the brand planning time. Also look at how this integrates to the sales force.

Can digital marketing challenge the brand team around traditional marketing efforts and then leveraging it with digital marketing tactics?

Niedrich: In rare diseases, the representatives have iPads. They now prefer not to use the print. Once the sales force sees the potential they don’t want anything else to market with. iPad allows for video and visual treatment. In order for a doctor to remember, something has to be left behind, so an iPad application cannot work alone.

Will the marketing team eventually completely integrate into the marketing team?
There are benefits to integration, but a centralized eMarketing strategy given to a brand team and the marketers never really adopted it. It will all eventually revolve around who is responsible to execute the initiative. Unless thre is a person who can execute the digital efforts, there will be pushback. Daiichi Sankyo has a digital marketing acceleration program to train their marketers to work digitally as well.
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