Monday, July 25, 2011

#ePharma West: eMarketing University: All About Search

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Search & Video: Tips for Increasing Visibility on the Web and enhancing the User Experience
Lisa Duncan, Senior Account Executive, Google

Focus on Google Search:
The key to having high success on Google with search is relevancy.  As an ad becomes more relevant and more people click through, the cost per click actually goes down because Google charges less for these successful ads. Google Search Rank should be 1-3 in order to get syndication on the Google Partner traffic to appear on sites other than Google.

When starting an ad campaign, marketers should think about why they want people to go to your webpage. Traffic and page views are not great goals but look at activities as to what they could do on the site, like signing up for a newsletter. People are searching now with longer queries than ever before, which when buying Google ad words can allow it to become more targeted and appear to the right people.

How many keywords should a Pharma ad campaign have? The keyword list should span the patient pathway – their experiences through the process of the condition including symptoms, conditions, and treatments are a great place to start. More keywords provide more consumer insight. Also, the landing page is key. If patients are searching for “allergy symptoms” don’t send them to the homepage, send them to your page that has information about allergy symptoms.

Best Practices for Google:

  • Be there when people are searching
  • Make you ad stand out
  • Focus on relevancy
  • Extend your reach through syndication

Focus on YouTube
YouTube is the #2 search engine.  In order to reach people online, a company has to be where they are searching.  People are searching for video content directly through YouTube. There are over 48 hours of video uploaded each minute. There are as many users over the age of 50 as there are under the age of 18.

How does a company get people to watch a video on YouTube?
It's similar to Google: Promoted Videos.  Promoted videos appear at the top of search results, within partner videos, and occasionally on the homepage.  Due to the volume of traffic to the YouTube homepage, this could  increase the number of views by the 1000s per day. Though YouTube’s stats you can discover how people are finding your videos – through email, search engines and terms, etc. You can also see the demographics (1/2 of all YouTube users are registered and logged in at any time).  Take advantage of all of the different functions to share content: channels, paid search, favorited videos and more.

Best Practices  for YouTube:

  • Always be there when people are searching
  • Favorite relevant content (provide more information while they are on your channel)
  • Reward Channel Visitors
  • Push Media
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