Monday, July 25, 2011

#ePharma West: Measuring ROI and the Opportunities Tablets Provide

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Mix/Channel Optimization: Integrating your Resources to Enhance Productivity
Scott Wearley, Manager, Relationship Marketing, Daiichi Sankyo

Wearley found that oftentimes the wrong resources sales reps were provided went unutilized or the resources are reaching the wrong person. The effectiveness of the individual sales campaigns, as a result, goes down. Management of the resources we currently have are not optimal. Do the samples go to the right physicians?

Sit down with the sales representatives and look at the data from sales to determine what is the best approach to reaching the physicians they are working with. Digital promotions that are increasing thanks to the iPad offer a great complement to their work face-to-face sales relationships. Digital promotion does not need to destroy a representative’s process. After they have their two minute in-person meeting, this offers a supplementary way to inform the doctors about the new products they could use and increases retention.

Without cross channel integration across all of the sales platforms in respect to promotion, some end users are going to feel alienated due to the fact that they change profiles without changing others.

It’s easy to target who you want to reach each time more effectively – look at how they respond to the last communication - digital or physical - and build the profile from there.

Financing & ROI - Measuring Results: What is this Going to Cost and What is it Worth?
Bonnie Southcott, Senior Producer, ToolHouse
Kevin Stock, Senior Technology Architect, ToolHouse

When measuring ROI, it’s important to know what you want to measure. With Apps, measurement is different and often a challenge because users expect privacy.   One way to work around this is to track web traffic from the App to your webpage, which can demonstrate usage of the App over time.  Install rates are also another way to track how popular your apps are used.

Another key to demonstrate effectiveness, both digitally and across marketing channels is to code the efforts across different channels, not just digital media.

However, it is key to keep in mind the best analytics are specific to your situation and show that what you want to do is successful.

Closing Remarks
Shawn O’Hagen, Daiichi Sankyo

Tablets are bringing on new behavior and new spaces for Pharma to consider. Physicians are using them, so what’s the next step to effectively using them? Daiichi Sankyo is rolling out iPads across their sales force. They’ve created committees in the company that focus on mobile innovation. They have proven ROI on the iPad, which speaks to customer and sales rep experience. To measure this, Daiichi Sankyo looked at signature capture. They saved money from signature capture by deploying the iPad and thus proved the ROI of giving their sales force iPads. Through the right platforms, sales reps can engage the physicians and increase their engagement and recognition.

This concludes ePharma Summit West's eMarkting University!  Congratulations to all those who graduated, including those who followed us on the Web!

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